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Spaceforce G11

Spaceforce G11
Let’s face it, outer space is where the sky is the limit, and one day mankind will spawn another pair of Wright brothers with the balls and brains enough to discover a reliable way to pierce the veil of our pale blue dot. When that happens, your son or daughter or one of their kids will look back in history books on this day as the day you purchased an icon of a coming future and dreamed. This patch is a cornucopia of Americana; Astronauts, a sense of boldly exploring the new frontier, and appropriating other peoples space age guns! The only thing it’s missing is Music Television and a space on your morale patch display, preferably somewhere at the top, so that it can look down on all your other morale patches and say “No one is going to hurt you. Not tonight. Not on my watch.” And there it will stay as a bulwark against the alien and threats from beyond the stars. Or perhaps your future progeny will wear this patch somewhere on their uniform as they rocket into the abyss on a million moving parts all assembled by the lowest bidder toward some acid-for-blood abomination hell bent on the destruction of apple pie, puppies, and all those things George Washington touched that turned to gold. In either case, you can rest easy on this day knowing that when the death from the void comes a’calling, your warrior spirit, imbued in this your own personal copy of a small PVC patch acquired for the act now supplies are dwindling fast price of $10.99 American, will belong to one of the greatest generation of people ever to tell an invading alien to go space himself since Ellen Ripley.


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